Top 12 Apps for Guys with download links


  • Common man

    Where’s grindr?

    • Todd Tomorrow

      To get Bj’s from male strangers.

  • jf

    weird apps they choose……

  • What about guys without download links?

  • Carol Talivai

    You have on this page women from porirua makes $12000 a month.wheres the article, I’m from porirua and I can’t find the link or are you just lying about the whole thing.

  • FlyteBro

    You’d think there’d be some apps featuring women more or less undressed. But apple doesn’t allow any such apps. Because fvck you, that’s why.

  • Parnell

    Real men don’t have smartphones.

  • NightRaven

    Why do you call these “apps for guys” ? None of these have a male demographic, I was expecting something to do with beards and stuff. I don’t even like fishing or American football, and neither does any of my other male friends, but I do know a couple of girls that are into that.

  • Johan Sterk

    No apps related to 2nd hand cars?

  • jhgcni.l

    Another site of crooks