Top 12 Apps for Guys with download links

This year, there have been plenty of great apps for many different kinds of people, whether they be travelers, gamers or business people. However, there are just as many apps targeted at the male demographic, so here are the top 12 apps for guys. They include apps for both business and pleasure, as well as ones that can mix the two.

#12 Dragon Dictation

For anyone who commonly uses diction software on the PC, Dragon should be easy to spot. With Dragon Dictation, a user only needs to speak and the app will automatically record the words. This is perfect for those who aren’t familiar with the touchpad keyboard, as well as those who have either vision trouble or those who have trouble typing. Since it is very accurate, users don’t have to worry too much about mistranslated text.




  • Common man

    Where’s grindr?

    • Todd Tomorrow

      To get Bj’s from male strangers.

  • jf

    weird apps they choose……

  • What about guys without download links?

  • Carol Talivai

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  • FlyteBro

    You’d think there’d be some apps featuring women more or less undressed. But apple doesn’t allow any such apps. Because fvck you, that’s why.

  • Parnell

    Real men don’t have smartphones.

  • NightRaven

    Why do you call these “apps for guys” ? None of these have a male demographic, I was expecting something to do with beards and stuff. I don’t even like fishing or American football, and neither does any of my other male friends, but I do know a couple of girls that are into that.

  • Johan Sterk

    No apps related to 2nd hand cars?

  • jhgcni.l

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