The Top 15 Manliest Movies Ever Made

What exactly makes a movie “manly”? Is it the characters? The story? The special effects? The performances? Or is it a combination of all of these elements that makes film from simply appealing to a male audience to being a raging testosterone fest? Today we will be separating the wheat from the chaff and taking a look at 15 films that can truly be defined as being the manliest films of all time.

#15 Spartacus

Spartacus - TOP men's magazine

“Spartacus” starring Kirk Douglas (Courtesy photo)


Ah, gladiators. Is there any period in history manlier than ancient Rome? (Maybe Ancient Greece?) Directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick, Spartacus was his fourth major studio film, but many film critics considered this one his first truly great movie. The Kirk Douglas led film of the 70 BC slave uprising against the Roman Empire was grand in scope and vision, and became the archetype for all historical dramas that came after it.



  • Seems legit

  • DISS_gruntled

    Really, a pretty good list! I would have included the original Dirty Harry or possibly the original Robocop (the remake of Robocop was one of the worst films ever made, but the original is a classic that still stands up well!) Terminator or T2 should have probably also made the list. Great bar room debate!

  • Raj547

    Even Arnold’s movies should have made it to the list like Terminator 2 Judgement day and Predator….. I wonder how these two films are missed……

  • Kimutai Kirui Alphonce

    Jonah Hex should have made the List

  • Abe7

    It is not possible to leave “Dirty Harry” off of this list. 300 does not belong. Arnold’s “Predator” needs to be on the list.

    • daddymac47

      I agree, DIRTY HARRY should be in top five. who made these selections anyway they didn’t poll the people who paid to see these

    • Butch

      Whoever picked this list is obviously a rather young man. No Death Wish, Billy Jack, Buford Pusser, Outlaw Josie Wales, Magnificent 7, and on and on, but lotsa guys wearing skirts and sandals and spacesuits.

  • Big Dreamer

    Fighter also should be added

  • Faisal

    What about…. “I WILL BE BACK….” – The Terminator…???

  • him

    Gangs of New York

  • daddymac47

    I disagree that this movie is any where near the top 15.

  • marecek21

    Steve McQueen was NOT in The French Connection. Who wrote this tripe?

  • Jose Carlos Gadea

    Hahaha, fucking hipsters, stop invading the internet. Only a hipster would say that about Gladiator. Oh, and too many gladiator films. I mean… you REALLY like watching men in shorts sweat, don’t you?

  • Naveen

    wot about terminator 2, predator, commando, red heat, raw deal … arnold can’t be avoided from this list.

  • kunal rb

    U can’t miss Red heat,Face off,Predator,Commando,Rogue assassin,Terminator series,Broken arrow,Con-Air(Obviously one of the best manly movie),Pitch black,Double team,Hard target

  • Lyle

    Clash of the Titans original movie was fantastic with Harry Hamlin and Sir Laurence Olivier.

    You managed to mix up the new crap CGI fest with an old classic.

  • Bull

    My number one is “Chronicles of Riddick” ” I bow to No man” #2 is “Predator ” If it Bleeds we can Kill it”

  • LuisB

    Really bad list.
    Missing the most manly movies of all time:
    #0 The Godfather Franchise

  • Jeff

    The first Death Wish movie should be #1. It’s not a blood-fest revenge-flick (the protagonist never does avenge his wife or daughter against the antagonists). Bronson skilfully portrays an individual who wakes up and realizes that the criminal element is best stopped by a victim standing up and saying “NO MORE” in whichever way is best suitable. This movie’s theme extends not only to muggers, thieves, bank-robbers, etc., but also to corrupt government itself.

  • Clark Kent

    Where’s Arnold?

  • Miguel

    Who wrote this?

    A Woman?

  • WinstonSmith84

    The mistake you make here is that you equate ‘manliness’ whatever that is,
    with violence. Very few of the characters here display any real intelligence or
    constructive behavior, in fact some have traits of mental illness. I’ve never
    believed the stereotype imposed on men that they are natural killers and
    destroyers, that you are only a ‘real man’ when smashing things and people. How
    about making some movies about Einstein, Shakespeare, Frank Lloyd Wright, or
    example? Those really would be manly movies. And yes Steve McQueen never was
    in French Connection. It was Roy Schneider.

    • uglykidmoe

      says pajama boy

  • Evan Clapham

    No Arnie films?

  • arthur chancellor

    Agreed. Dirty Harry, Predator and Bullitt with that memorable Mustang car chasing scenes should make the list. Guess the writer is too young, what about Charleton Heston in Academy Awards’Best Picture “Ben Hur” . No one could denied that captivating Chariots race scene. Even the best Sergio Leone’s Clint Eastwood “A Fistful of Dollars” should be mentioned instead of that boring part three “The Good,The Bad and The Ugly”. Period.

    • Guest


  • Noneof .yourbusiness

    Gotta agree with the posters on this….this list was definitely created by someone under 30. No Predator? Really?? No Chuck Norris? No Dirty Harry? The Warriors? Conan? I mean comeon….this should have been called “The Top 15 Most Mindless Action Movies”

  • Bawenang Rukmoko

    No mention of “The Raid” and its sequel? That was the most manliest movie ever, dude!

  • Orangee333

    I must say that I agree with the assessment of “Die Hard” as number-one, although I take strong exception to the exclusion of the sequels – two of which I think are far better than the original. I cannot explain why I like this franchise. Normally I avoid action movies like I avoid Ebola or “The View.” Yet, almost from the beginning of the “Die Hard” series, I found Willis’ characterization of Detective McClane somehow memorable. Perhaps, too, as I edged past middle-age and a bad divorce, “Yippie-Ki-Yay Mother[Fornicator]” became my spiritual mantra.
    To be honest, though, my own personal nomination for the number one manliest movie would have to be “The Bourne Identity” (Indeed, the entire original trilogy was almost flawless). Jason Bourne’s character, played perfectly by Matt Damon, even though it portrays a young man, is eerily evocative of every man’s “mid-life crisis” where you wake up one day and wonder who you really are, how you got where you are, and why everone seems to be trying to “get” you.

  • Douglas

    The Great Escape, Goodfellas, Rio Bravo, The Wild Bunch, Escape From New York, The Longest Day, Kelly’s Heroes, The Dirty Dozen, Bullit, Scarface.

  • schizuki

    What?!?! No “Tombstone”? No “Predator”? No “The Terminator”? No “The Dirty Dozen”? No “The Outlaw Josey Wales”?

    No “DIRTY f***ing HARRY”?!?

    The credibility of this list is what you would expect from someone who thinks Steve McQueen was in “The French Connection.”

  • Sam Samuel

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  • SteveC73

    Sands of Iwo Jima.

  • Pieron Giannini

    Number 1; “Iron Sky” and the number 2 is ; Iron Sky 2 (I’m waiting for it)´… Then; “The story Never Tell”… Live and Death of the Prophet A.Hitler”….

  • Honesty


  • These are mainly kids’ movies. How about Reservoir Dogs, or Apocalypse Now? Die Hard? Really? Why not The Sound of Music?

  • jmelaslajas

    I’ve got just one word……Josie Wales !

  • Lucas Accardo

    Conan the Barbarian is a notable omission. Surely much much much much much more manly than any frame of Fight Club. I also suggest Death Hunt (1980 i think) Charles Bronson VS Lee Marvin.