Top 10 Countries With the Highest Salaries

Do you ever wonder which country pays its workers the highest salary? Have you ever thought that you’re not truly being paid what you’re worth? Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 countries where people enjoy the highest level of disposable income. What is disposable income? It’s the amount of money that a household gains each year after taxes and transfers, so it basically represents the money available to a household for spending on goods or services. These averages are based on the OECD research calculated for single workers without children. Do you think your country is on the list? Let’s find out!

#10 France


Paris –

Well, the infamously discontent French made it to the top 10 list! France is ranked the world’s seventh largest economies. To explain why the French per capita GDP is lower than that of the United States, the economist Paul Krugman stated that “French workers are roughly as productive as US workers”, but that the French have allegedly a lower workforce participation rate and “when they work, they work fewer hours”. That may be due to the 35-hour workweek law introduced in 1999. By the way, the French receive $28,799 a year after all taxes, which are 49.4% on the average. This is the second largest tax wedge across the OECD countries.


  • h

    According to this illiterate journalist Ireland belongs to the UK!!!! Good luck explaining this in Dublin!!!!

    • Solomon

      Northern Ireland, my friend is in UK.

  • betterthanu

    This idiot also grossly underestimates the tax rates. I pay about 50% and inly make slightly above the average. He only includes federal income tax and conveniently excludes the other multitude of taxes. Every country on that list takes half by the time all taxes are paid

    • mah

      Germany is the biggest economic country in Europe , but it’s citizen are suffering.

      • Saro

        no German here bro

    • Ross Wilkin

      The article is talking about the Federal Tax rate. The highest in the USA is about 40%, and that is only on those earnings above $413,000. It doesn’t even get to 25% until over $90,000. If you’re paying over 50%, I suggest you get a new tax prepairer………. and this may explain his new boat.

  • Nemo

    Not only is Ireland not in the UK Germany is the largest economy in Europe. You’re an idiot

    • Morty John Silencio

      This may be out of the box but bcoz it thrills me,so Im sharing it.Have a fun time staying at home watching JURASSIC WORLD 2015

      registration is FREE!! have fun


      Bravo! Germany RUNS THE EU. And UK will never join. UK will pass germany because their being pulled down by the PIIGS. Ireland is IN EU. not UK officially monetarily. Who writes this shit. And almost all others are broke due to socialism entitlements. Greece has 30% unemployment, yet they take 8 to 10 weeks vacations. and wont pay off their debt. like, Politicians are fools. Therorists, not realists. Maybe if they worked 40 hours a week and paid their bills the EU wouldn’t collapse. I was in Athens in May. They are morons. Mostly kids defeated the reforms. idiots. all want it NOW. for free, but not work for it. This story is a joke. and your right. they get “writers” who have never been anywhere to write this and they post it. ZERO fact checking! Zero. not first time. Canada legal Hourly work week for FULL TIME employment is 44 hours. you have to do 40 minimum. i have 50 staff there. SAME as US. Taxes are 30% not 23% at $45,000. Highest, like me is 44% personal income tax. Then Provincial and Federal. We are at 50% if you pull over $250k a year. it is called theft. 50% tax! so everyone can run to see a doctor for free. My pal, a doctor made $1.7 million last year in Vancouver Canada. insanity. because people walk in, he bills $100 a visit to Government. this is what obamacare WILL be. it all needs to stop. Fee base everything. just like $20 to see a doctor. lines would end! And btw, Ireland is bankrupt. They charge too little tax for free healthcare. And bands like U2, Billionaires, pay ZERo tax. VAn Morrison, zero taxes. TRUE! Artists are tax exempt. And FREE healthcare is anything but free! 33% of all taxes collected goes to it. They never mentions the world is mired in personal and national debt. So none of this matters. What are you saving is what matters. But, to tout socialism and the answer is dumb. this writer is 22. great ideology. bad result. somewhere in the middle is the answer. another is quit borrowing against next gens futures make it illegal to not balance bugets. China is crashing. their currency will blow up once the release it and they have to. I work there. its over, they don’t get it. Over. biggest bubble in history. then Condos markets in all 6 major cities. boom. The world banks NEVER fixed the problem. Credit was too easy, and will all default. Again.when the average America has 6 weeks living monies saved, that is a problem. should be 2 years. cash…… New Zealand got it right. devalued currency. everyone paid a part ion of the issue. they have had 25 years of growth. thank god I’m done.

  • James

    Did you just make all of this up? Apart from the errors already mentioned below, there is simply no way the USA has the highest salaries in the world, calling Luxembourg the financial center of Europe is absurd (have you never heard of London), and the average work week in the USA is 34.5 hours – roughly where it has been for the last decade.

    • Murtaga Ahmed

      It’s actually. Economically. True Ireland. , although a separate independent country , it produces more than 30 Percent of the United Kingdom needs of food and other vital products and , it’s very clear. That the UK. Is in great need for Irish. Hands and vice versa , it’s. Not Germany , due to geo, and culturall ties

  • chi-dog

    the usa the best sorry look at how messed up things are lets look shell me ??
    1 healthcare nope medicare only that if you can git it
    2 ed. nope high school only college that if you have the money
    3 taxes . about 30% to 32 depends on where
    4 laws. your going to git buttfuck w/o lube or a reach around

    • I pay substantially more than 23% in taxes. Almost double.

      • Daisy

        You’re obviously pleased with that fact.

  • pompey

    This was obviously made by a semi-literate alien who quickly looked at a map of Earth and made up a few facts. Number 11 must have been Somalia with its 7-hour work week, universal bacon supply and a free beer hat with twin straws for anybody who thinks that England is the weaklink in the UK.

  • Ger Groeneveld

    Using statistics from the previous century when the Netherlands still used guilder instead of the Euro. Utterly crap.

  • Joe Jeb

    Here’s a couple things the US also has plenty of: Poverty, crime, corruption and, of course being the main reason the average income is at 55000, billionaires. Those billionaire incomes clearly rocket the entire average up, which might help your self esteem, but doesn’t change the fact that the actual average income is probably at around 30000$ or 35000$, which is a lot less than all the others on this list of yours. On top of that comes that your legal system is bad, your health care is awful, your educational system is shit and pays too little and racism is wide spread across the entire country. Also, as someone else pointed out already, Germany is the largest economy in Europe. And Switzerland has an actual average of around 70000 or 80000 Swiss Francs salary annualy. That’s before taxes, of course, but even then, we’ve got some of the highest income in the world. Also, check your spelling!

    • The mean US income is about $26,500: a hard-to-find figure (one wonders why?). So half of all Americans earn less than $26,500 annually.

      • James

        Actually the mean household (not individual) income in the USA is $72,641 as of 2014. The median is $51,939 – so half of all households earn less than 51,939. But that is income – the article was about salaries which do not include all income.

        • The mean individual income is about $26,500. I use the individual figure because ‘households’ vary in size and composition (and are often not reported) in other countries. Individual figures make apples-to-apples comparisons easier.

        • flash hider

          Top ten you’r fighting yourself unnecessary matter oh good

      • Mark Jackson

        “The mean US income is about $26,500: a hard-to-find figure (one wonders why?). So half of all Americans earn less than $26,500 annually.”
        That’s not what “mean” means; that’s what “median” means.

        If my 9 best friends and Bill Gates were a society, then that society would have a “mean” net worth in the billions. But that emphatically would NOT mean that half of them were in the billions and half had less; it would mean that 90% of them had a net worth of less than $1 billion, and 10% of them had a net worth in the billions.

        See, THAT is what “mean” means.

        (I switched from income to net worth, but that’s irrelevant; my point is the meaning of “mean”).

        • You’re right. Thanks for correcting me. I’ve been conflating the two terms.

      • James

        Also it does not follow that half earn less than the mean – that is the definition of the median.

    • herbaled

      Actually, being a tiny fraction of USA population, the USA billionaires atrp bump the overall average income very little.

      Don’t let your emotions skew your logic..

      • That actually isn’t true. The Top 10% increase the average income by some 120%. [source: I’m in the Top 5%]

        • herbaled

          Remember, I was writing abut billionaires (with a B). Only a minuscule fraction of the top 10% are billionaires. Per Forbes magazine there are only 545 in the USA .. and 1,645 in the entire world.

          • John

            Actually there are much more billionaires today in the US,
            not only that, u ought to include the major corporations and the superseding amount of high end millionaires that keeps growing, theyre the ones that bump up that average, because factually speaking, yes there are many people who just earn under 26,000$, which is a laughable sum when considering the US taxes and that nothing is provided by the government, except guns and wars apparently ..

          • herbaled

            Actually the number of billionaires I wrote is accurate … at least according to Forbes.

            As to “nothing is provideb by the government except ….” Nothing more? Actually not. Perhaps much less than you’d like, but “nothing” is far from the truth.

            Hyperbole is a good way to lose credibility in a debate.

        • Heilds Faustine

          Very true dea

    • Carl D

      US colleges are still amongst the best in the world. As shit as the usa is, people from around the globe still flock to the usa for 4 years to get an education at the top UNIs before going back home. That can not be denied. Sure, UNI in the usa is grossly over priced, but if you can afford it, it can not be beat by many.

  • Maretz

    Wow, Ireland as part of the UK… how old is your map you jackass?!

    • Brian May

      The author is clearly a moron, but to make the claim that all Americans are illiterate is painting with a pretty broad brush. Much of the world’s cutting edge technology comes from America. Stereotypes derive from clusters of similar characteristics, something which Europe is not immune to. Unless you would like the brilliant achievers of Europe to share the same judgement, I suggest you dial it back a bit with the anti-American hyperbole.

      • mark

        Brian May, I admire you for sticking up for your country in reply to an embarrassingly pathetic sweeping statement by Maretz, but………remember your roots when attempting to reply in exactly the same way as Maretz (an equally pathetic sweeping statement about Europeans)

        Unfortunately Americans will always get stick from the rest of the world due to their bully boy antics and trying to be the “world police” when your own country is so messed up.

        • hugh

          thanks for this reply Mark

      • Kanaf

        Your the one who is clearly a moron, the real stereotypes are about arabs and muslims and how they are terrorists but no one out there clearly knows what arabs are all about they ar just humans like us, they are even smarter than us, i mean come one the world’s richest man, salma hayek all thise are lebanese people, and oh yeah those american rumors are all true.

        • summit

          no man you can say anithing but never a muslim wiil be a Smart guy mabe it was on Stone age but that doesnt happen anymore not even close really you need to visit them to see the truth

          • Bill Darrough

            Once again in English?

        • Eric Holt

          Selma hayek is born and bred mexican tool

      • Ninth Legion

        America was the last country in the world to ban capital punishment for under 18 year olds; it has no national health service like other countries; according to a recent documentary I was astonished to hear that many Americans do not know what they are actually celebrating on 4th July or exactly who they got independence from, many believe in guardian angels, or that the sun revolves around the earth. It is backward and religious – and those two facts are probably connected. Americans are insular, have no interest in travel or other countries, (unless it’s to bomb them into “democracy”) and this is reflected, by and large, in their general intelligence. It is an appalling indictment of a so-called civilised country.

        • Edward Figlin

          And yet a Billion people a year want to be here, the best country in the world by far. Imagen a world without America, every natural disaster, earthquake, tsunami, flood who’s aid is there first?

          • Arnold GS

            Of course, prior to July 4th, 1776, when the US became a country, the world had already survived all those things you mentioned, but somehow you think “America” (you really mean USA) is the savior of the world.
            How did the world manage without the US prior to July 4th, 1776 then?

          • Hunter

            Maybe a world without America, there will be no earthquake, tsunami, flood etc, so you can keep your aid and LGBT to yourselves and stop imposing in on others in the name of human right….Mr.

          • David

            well said so called ‘human rights’

          • Vincent Kisakye

            sounds harsh.

          • Hunter


          • Alberto Dietz

            Not at all. Just stating the obvious, like the nice guy who runs Kenya.

          • Brian

            No earthquakes or tsunamis if there was no USA. Well that is the stupidest fucking statement I have ever read. Are you 4 years old? And what’s worse is that 13 other morons actually agree with you. ?? I’m not pro or against the USA by the way but I am firmly against people with shit for brains.

          • Aramburú Muñoz-Nájar Sebastián

            america causes the highest pollution levels = greenhouse effect= floods, tsunamis

          • Aramburú Muñoz-Nájar Sebastián

            sorry, ! USA in North America i mean…America is a Continent (for those who don´t know )

          • Nunaya Dambizness

            You just can’t resist displaying your stupidity for all to see, can you? “America” is NOT a continent! North America is a continent, and South America is also a continent, but there is no continent simply called America! Idiot…

          • Oz_1

            Hey hey America is the continent and is divided in 3 major areas North Which is Canada USA Mexico
            Crntral America whith lots of countries and South America again with many countries

          • Oz_1

            Yes my friend there are many people in the world do not know the world geography …..for example Australians call Australia continent ….but the name of the continent is Oceania ….

          • Nunaya Dambizness

            And you just proved Brian’s point. Pollution has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Tsunamis! Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes, which again, have nothing to do with pollution! Definitely a case of fecal cranial syndrome…

          • Philantos

            what kind of logic do you have, are you inciting stupidity in here. Reality without America the world now will be owned by the ISIS. Or are you one of them?

          • Rytta

            America made ISIS

          • Jamesengland912

            Excellent post

          • Kenny Economides


          • dinostralia

            If you actually believe in what you have written, then I feel sorry for you. Americans are prisoners and don’t even know it. Freedom is something you think you have, but it is just a poor form of what is available elsewhere… open your eyes man…

          • leslie boldy

            the most ruthless, murderous, depressing, police state in the world with thugs in uniform, murdering on the everidge 3000 of their own citizens yearly, they murdering people the world over, by wars, drones, gangsters, (CIA, NSA, FBI, ARMED FORCES) a sick country with sick illiterate, murderous, people.

          • Philantos

            Any proof of that ?

          • Tee

            Not America that’s for sure. When us New Zealanders had the Christchurch earthquake, first country to be here to help and to my belief, the only country was Japan. They ain’t even under the queen, nor do they follow. But USA on the other hand are following the queen and yet, can’t even help an ally out. Fuck America.

          • Don Foss

            Yea, Kiwi, and thanks for all your assistance after Katrina and Sandy. Effing clown.

          • Gérard Mengual

            Are you serious?

          • Dickson Christopher

            Who’s aid is there you said? America? Realistically I’m not jealous of America, but America like to pile on people and use natural disasters like Tsunami, earthquakes et all to exploit the country’s natural resources and economy. Thank God slave trade no longer exist, otherwise such disasters will be their avenue. Forcing laws that the victims cannot refute just because they are in derelict and helpless. Sometimes them Americans are the cause of the disasters and also the first to run for aids – hypocrites. Just because America is world power, all their crimes are well covered. Crime is embed in everything they do, yet no one dare say a word.
            America is a beautiful corpse.

          • Sue

            Ah, slave trade still exist & America is one of the largest countries the slave route goes through, America is not perfect but how many American’s do you see fleeing to other country’s illegally and depleting that country’s resources? You have a right to your opinion as you stated in this blog & that’s cool, as every American has the right to their opinion. Best of luck in your life

          • Eric Holt

            Americans cant run to other countries because they are too poor. thats why so many american pensioners go south to mexico to retire. The rest dont have the money the stats say they have to be able to afford to go to other countries. I lived in Australia for so long I took much for granted, when i visited america i got the shock of my life. The poverty i saw, the illiteracy rate, the housing conditions and much more made me ask myself if i was really in grand ol america. If your out of work in america. your out of luck if no family.

          • Cihangir Ay TC

            As you pointed out,those Americans are not the best.But they are really good advertisers.I have friends living in the USA and Australia.They are telling the same story.The conditions are getting worse in the USA that is what they say.Their government is controlled by Oil Barons of international countries.They smashed the middle east.I assure you.I am writing here from the eastern mediterrenean coast,Turkey.And that democracy exportation of the USA is a real disappointment for the mideast peoples..They are not what they seem to be.Millions of empty houses left empty in Detroit as I heard.And also many homeless people in some states!! But they are still casing the weaker governments of the east to get some oil wells or deposits to themselves.So their national income per capita can seem high but do you think that income of ruthless wars seperated among their nation fairly?Exactly no.EASY COME EASY GO.I want all USA citizens know that your country is trying to ambush Turkey( and other secular and democratic counries) into a exterminist İslamic or Kurdish trap in order to weaken this Turkish 90 year old democratic republic.Because USA always wants natural resources of the east and the bloodshed has no meaning to the USA government.But whatever USA politicians do,Turkey is not a newbie half democratic Arabian state.We will always stand as a secular country,respectful to human rights.USA citizens please question your goverment.Enough blood is spilled in the middle east.Please make your government fight for freedom not for the oil.We can make our cars or vehicles go by someway but we cannot get lost lives or lifetimes back.Because when USA attacks anywhere it usually ends with islamic exterminist or radical groups taking heads.Thats enough…

          • Philantos

            You dont know you’re talking about .. Gossipping is bad..

          • Cihangir Ay TC

            You think you are funny..? wow…humor needs brain.please try again when you have..I will have a look again next time when you make comments..GOSSİP GUY

          • zeo Smith Lopez

            Your right I agree.

          • Juan

            remember when turkey killed 3 million armenians, lets not forget that now.

          • Cihangir Ay


          • Lucinda

            Of course conditions have worsen, because of the Democrats in DC. Hopefully people think when they vote Nov 2016! We don’t need any countries across the pond for oil, and if it hadn’t been for America many of yous would be speaking German or Japanese as your first language. And to that other poster about Americans living in Mexico when they retire….yes many do, but most have homes in both countries, I know as I’m 8 months south and 4 months Nevada USA.

          • victor yao

            The republican party, which is made up of phony christians and sponsored by our super wealthy, wants to cut education and keep everybody dumb and religious so that it can manipulate them into voting for them. The GOP is a satanic organization to con the religious and uneducated people to vote for them. Proof: Look at Trump, he kept horns hidden and he wants you to believe that Obama is a muslim and is not American. Just look at how many dumb asses, like all tea party folks, believe what he said is true. Any more proof you need?

          • Alex Semen

            USA the economic hit man ! Robbery it is it´s name !

          • Jim in Saigon

            Get help dealing with your madness

          • leslie boldy

            it is just a smelly stupid, illiterate,corpse, not even beautiful.

          • Philantos

            Such a stupid assessment .. Well life matters to anyone, but manners matters most. If you behave well ,you will be treated good.If not,feel sorry for you.

          • Meri

            And you are yust a stupid man with a big ingnorate.Sorry all whatyou say is yust bullshit.Why you dont look your country idiot? I hate people like you that say yust lie and are razist. Go in the hell

          • devananda


          • wawan bogor

            exclude me out.. never in a million years would be interested to live there… when plenty of other much better options available

          • Dian Butham Marzuqie

            Huih mas wawan ngerti ya komen komen mereka? Apa intinya?

          • Philantos

            well, that’s your opinion.America doesnt want you anyway..

          • juan

            America is a continent you fucking retard. Lay off the computer and open a textbook.

          • zeo Smith lopez

            Hahaha any where people
            Are welcome no body say we are not welcome there.

          • Carl D

            A billion you say? Proof? As the list shows, there are ten countries that have a solid argument for being better than the usa…

          • Tanzeem San

            A billion people want to be there because of the ILLUSION hollywood has created in the past 4 5 decades, and when i IMAGEN (the word, spelling to be more precise itself proves some points) a World without America i see PEACE and HARMONY instead of War and Agony,

          • Alex Semen

            most of USA citizen don´t get paid even the minimum salary in Greece-Portugal !

          • contramundum

            cause they don’t live in greece-portugal

          • Philantos

            oh really .. too bad for you because it’s the opposite.

          • veer

            Well said

          • Philantos

            Really , you are so much in hallucination.. Quit taking drugs…

          • Juan

            you must be the stupidest person i have ever read, defending a country that does not acknowledge you back, say you have a car crash and bust your head open, will this beloved country fix you up just right, or charge you dozens of thousands while they do so ? clearly you were never cold, a bit of hunger would do you just right, fucking moron.

          • VND

            EF, I concur with you on your comment. The North American continent is quite humane and is foremost in giving aid whenever disasters befall – different areas of the world. There are more positives in this country than negatives.

          • Eric Holt

            That is also true, but you have so many at home need help.

          • Elmusay

            Noooooooo! The USA provoke the GENOCEIDE in IRAK in the Name of weapons of mass distructions (WMD) and the killings still continues over there.and it western partners including the United Nations Organisation(UNO)and there medias are refusing to call it a genoceide.

          • Major Plonquer

            1.4 billion people already live in China and that country attracts almost ten times as many tourists as the USA. Speaks volumes according to your own logic.

            As for America always “there first”, I can point to 2 of the world’s worst disasters where the USA was last in, not first – World War I and World War II. In WWII they waited until the British RAF destroyed the Luftwaffe before they had the courage to join. How magnanimous is that?

          • Neko iz mase

            Nooo… they wanted to make sure to be on the winning side…

          • Philantos

            Wow that’s a lie.. Twisting history Major Plonquer..

          • juan

            you know whats not twisting history, a US government dropping not one but TWO atomic bombs on millions of helpless citizens. drop halo 2 and get to studying kido, probably one of those retards who doesnt know what your celebrating on the 4th of July.

          • Don Foss

            Those bombs actually saved lives, Nutter; American and Japanese lives.

          • Don Foss

            Obviously not a historian.

          • Jerry Sewter

            haha. Love the comments about the 2 wars….dead right, but thank god they did or we’d all be in deep shit now.

          • USA sucks dick

            Who is there first hmm Canada you dipshit

          • Niccolo Dal Sasso

            There is nothing to say. The us people are the less educated, the less healthy and the less secure people in western society. It’s a fact

          • Philantos

            Niccolo Dal Salso Im sorry for you ,You better kill yourself hating the US.

          • Don Foss

            You have a bad case of penis envy, little fella. Does your health system pay for your mental treatments? The shrink is waiting.

          • JustAnIdiotThoghts

            Fact is America is dirty as much as Africa is, like omg, you have more garbage on treets than thrahs cans that tells u somehing about how smart people live in there, and you are such a hypocrits that they act as they care about global warming and they give speaches about it how WE need to stop it just smart asses as fk, and I can give 1000 examples like this, btw avarage American can’t even speak english propely and in rest of world 3 lenguages is minimum

          • Marvin ‘pompi’ Agulto

            What are those LENGUAGES?

          • Vijaya Chandrasoma

            Certainly not the English teachers’!

          • Deceneu

            I don’t see a lot of Europeans knocking down America’s “gates” to get in. All i see is a lot of Mexicans and 3rd world people coming over the border any way they can.Btw America could not take care of it’s own ppl in New Orleans(katrina) let alone some foreigners in some far off land.

          • Philantos

            Well its hard to contain ppl who behave like savages, a reflection of where they came from. But who were these people anyway.

          • hanspy

            May I know in what America is the best?

          • Philantos

            Have you been in the US. Quit reading Islam or Communist propaganda.

          • hanspy

            Like what? What news is according your view the REAL news? And have you been in a FREE country? A country where cops not shoot you for not listening to them? Or your vote is the human vote and NOT the vote from your wallet? And? What is the best in America? No answer? In that is America really great and the best. Not talking about the real problems.

          • Dave jay

            I lived in the States for 6 Months the Scenery was great and that’s about it. Go into the Suburbs its like a Garbage Dump full of uneducated, insular and very ignorant People and that’s exactly what the majority of the US Population is like sad to say, glad i live in Australia one of the best Addresses on Earth. The US needs to invest in her People more instead of senseless Wars which they tend to lose anyway,
            and in the process become hated the World over and justifiably so.

          • Dave jay

            They are the best in Double Standards and a deficit of Trust even among Allies, and that’s just for starters.

          • hanspy

            Haha. Good point. Really something to be proud off.

          • Sheikh islam

            America has looted money from swiss bank after the monercy toppled by USA, such as, Saddam’s money and Gaddafi’s money and not to mention Yasir Arafat’s money. Combined it was appx. 120+ billions, if anyone has that kind of money, can be generious like HELL.

          • SF_Expat

            The only people who hear say such things are those with no passport and have no idea of how far ahead in quality of life is in all of Europe, Scandinavia and many parts of the Pacific. Regrading a billion people wanting to go to the US…..any evidence of that? Tourism and immigration is down and American citizens leaving, since 2008 has been higher than immigrants coming in. Migration has been a net negative for a number of years. The US is great if you are wealthy but if not,m almost anyplace is less stressful, more peaceful, with better primary education, health care, access to the arts, economic mobility, economic and physical security, less corrupt(very few countries would allow a few oligarchs and corporations write and control public and foreign policy like is the norm in the US), privacy and many more features of a better quality of life country. The poverty class is expanding and middle class dying, and no change is in sight. 40 years ago the US was top dog, not it is just a dog unless you are wealthy.

          • costalotmore

            Is this world named Imagen? Your utopia.

          • tonypace

            “And yet a Billion people a year want to be here, the best country in the world by far.”

            And yet a billion people a year want to drink Coca Cola. Does that fact make it the best food in the world?

          • orangebud

            all empires will die evantually…. now is the turn of usa.
            i can imagine a better world without usa, can you?
            ps: why dont usa help the north coreeans?
            a: because they cant steal any ressourcess from there

        • Billabob Johnson

          The obvious reason why Scott Walker and Donald Trump are the Republican Standard Bearers. Probably will get worse over time as the full effects of Bushes “Leave all the Children Behind” education policies start to have their effect.

        • JazzyEli

          Well, the article is not about cultures per se, so I think you’re taking this to the wrong way, I also think the calculation is wrong, because if they have an income of 56,000 per year while in Australia have what??, 53,000 and they only work around 35 hrs. per week while the americans work 44, how is that the americans have the best salary??, I mean, they’re working 9 extra hours per week and recieve only 3,000 more per year, if the Australians work those 44 hours per week they could easily earn 10,000 more per year than the americans.

          • Trying to argue them with basic maths is unfair, for many people in the US higher education is unaffordable.

          • victor yao

            Just look at our obscene wealth disparity where the 1% owned almost 50% of the total wealth of this country. That means the 99 % share only the rest of the half. Yes, most cannot do simple arithmetic and the rich are buying our politicians to increase their wealth ownership. We have lower middle class who are so dumb and can’t even add will vote for republicans. The GOP loves to cut education to maintain an uneducated gullible population.

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            I agree and would add that this comparison should be based on the NET INCOME and Standard of Living index. We must have a basis for comparison and that basis should be equal for all countries.

          • omgwtfbbqhax1

            Koreans work 60+ hours a week for 20,000 salary, and a box of medium size pizza costs $30 there

          • US soldier stationed in Korea

            Box of pizza in Korea is about 11 dollars.

          • barks barks

            get it right last year in australia average pay $74,000 per year

          • Dave jay

            The Minimum Wage in Australia is now $17.29 per Hour.

        • luigicdn

          Yet they are # 1 like it or not

          • Eric Holt

            In the eyes of america. Imagine if america went into afghanistan alone without the help of 53 other nations in the coalition. How many Young americans would have died then? Theyareonly number 1 while allied with other countries, what happens when other countries tire of this?

        • Dan Haggerty

          You should stop watchingTV try visiting and meet some Americans.

          • juan

            Full of them you know, America has a population of 950 000 000 people, because its a continent Dan, not a country, a continent. Silly old Dan, cant name a capital without wikipedia, fucking ignorant.

          • Daniel Haggerty

            Juan, I can write a reply that’s relevant. Yours makes no sense. What’s your point?

        • Jose

          Don´t be an ignorant, America is not a country, is a continent. You need to travel abroad so you can see there are plenty of
          other countries in America.

          • Carl D

            But America is also short for United states of America. Chill out.

        • Gustavo Pereira

          No interest in travelling to other countries?? I have just returned from Italy and the language i heard more in the streets, after italian, was american english.
          Also, you say americans are culturally limited, but i have to tell you, being passionate by math and sciences, the best literature that i can find about science and math in my book store is by american authors.
          if you think US is backwars, you would be appalled to see how even more backwars is the rest of the world.
          I live in latin america, by the way.

          • Eric Holt

            American english…spoken by italian tongue, that would be imposible to detect. English is english with a varied pronunciation on another tongue…..get out!

        • Carl D

          Many americans travel, go away.

          • Marcus E. Thomas

            Many Americans do travel, yes! But as an American living in Sweden, I’ve come to realize and found out only 10% of the United States has a passport to leave the country!!! Americans travel within the massive country we have, and yet haven’t even been to most places in the country. Other countries work less, pay for less, and still have a better quality of life then in the USA. Here in Sweden they get 25 days of paid vacation and people go to other countries while on these vacations! They also get a whole year for Maternity leave, and six months after that for Paternity leave! So this article is dumb in thinking the pay rate is better in the USA, because when it is all said and done you still have no money to do anything and struggle in everyday life!

        • Brian

          It’s not intelligence that is the problem in the US, it’s the education system. I was at the Grand Canyon a few years ago and a very American couple asked me where I was from. I said Ireland… .and he asked me if it was a long drive. ?

        • Martin

          Enjoy your freedom of speech!

        • Andrew Stallard

          You just saw a documentary and you never heard any of this stuff until that time? Really? You sound like the insular one who spends most of his days playing video games in his mother’s basement.

          The litany you just posted is nothing but a myna-bird repetition of every editorial in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Christian Science Monitor, The Melbourne Age, The Washington Post and every other elite leftist dishrag in the English speaking world. Like all half-truths, there is some basis to the accusations in your screed, but its not the whole story and leaves out a lot of context.

        • Muzahura

          Its Unfortunate to be born American. You live your life believing you are great!!

        • Oz_1

          It is backward and religious 
          …you mean extrrme rrligious thst push there veleive to others …
          Backkwards ….yes agree the grnersl culture is very poor considering that USA is a develop and powerful country

          And by the way America is a continrnt not a country ….. the country nsme is United States of America ….USA

    • Rt

      Maretz=======>……… open wide!

  • Andrew James

    Can only have been written by an american – SO many errors lol

  • LilyMo

    This is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever read!!! Where did you get your research information?

  • Not sure who wrote this article but Ireland is NOT part of the United Kingdom. LOL

    • Solo

      But north Ireland is a part of United Kingdom. U need to know that

      • Lauren

        The author of the article doesn’t talk about Northern Ireland though. Those Gaming and Tech Companies are mainly in Dublin, Cork and Galway. That’s Republic of Ireland, not Northern Ireland.

    • Terry Dennis

      The fact is no country has the highest paid salaries because the crime leaders Hearn more than what we don’t know in all countries so stop fighting what you don’t know there are people who get more than $50,000 per day

  • Paweł Kępa

    As far, as i can accept the VAT tax – to keep most important institutions like police, courts and army – I do not understand an income tax. It works like this – harder you working = being punished more with income tax whitch is will be higher for you. Money should stay in citizen pockets, i believe – the people will know better what to do with they money than any goverment.

  • Chimera070

    I do not understand this too well, is this supposed to be statistics for the rich and powerful? This article is completely bogus as far as middle-class salaries is concerned.

    From my employment and foreign transfer experiences, I found that even southern African countries pays better than the listed countries, the US is actually the worst in terms of middle-class salaries, how in the world can they be listed as #1? Germany pays far better salaries than the US, Canada or the UK but, they are not even listed! Australia is pathetic in terms of salaries or unskilled labour wages!

    In terms of middle range engineering professions, the country that made me the best offer ever was Iran!

    What a falsified mess the internet has become…

  • finnvinn
  • Chetan Puri

    This is bullshit as Australia’s tax rate is 30% and they don’t export oil.

  • Nurul

    have you mentioned saudi arabia, kuwait, bahrain, qatar etc?

  • joeybg

    ok sana ang Australia….. dami lamang mga Freeloader, mga palamunin na ayaw magtrabaho.

  • mark

    Agree with Nemo below, England “screwed” without Scotland or Ireland, what an uninformed asshole you are! Ireland has absolutely nothing to do with the UK what-so-ever and Scotland the powerhouse of UK??? Mate you are absolutely deluded, perhaps Scottish? The UK’s powerhouse is London by a country mile, finance etc. it props the UK up and puts the GREAT into Great Britain.

  • The author must be an American Citizen with Irish roots and little knowledge of Geography and Economy. Countries like Kuwait, Qatar, Japan, Singapore and Germany should have featured. Where are the facts?

  • Abe

    The average im Abu dhabi is around 200k USD per year lol, and you dont have it listed here. You know absoloutly nothing and oh, Abu Dhabi is tax free and has 40hours per week.

  • John Holt

    Ireland is not part of the the UK (United Kingdom). Ireland or the correct name Rep. of Ireland is a country in it’s own right. The correct term for the the UK is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and NORTHERN IRELAND, you dumb ass Yanks. Oh and you didn’t invent Golf either…..


    My personal take on American greed, is that they have allowed say 2000 CEO’s of PUBLICALLY traded firms to pay themselves what ever they want. Hey, Phil Knight made Nike, he deserves his wealth. but the new CEO of Blackberry, almost bankrupt, lost $200 million, but board approved a pay of $78 million in a year! Corporations are being raped daily. And the little guy, with 401 K are getting duped by investment firms who are in on the deal. They get their 3%. So STOP allowing boards to pay themselves all the money, make public firms CEO pay $1 million. period. Stop allowing to write off so much crap. And lastly, make every single politician take an IQ test! Seriously! if you cant score say 110, you cant run for office. you guys, you have let your Country be stolen by a few thousand scammers Ivey leaguers who move form firm to firm ripping of the real stockholders, Me and you. forget the 40 Billionaires. focus on the 5000 CEO with 300 million of OUR money. my investments. they get paid a fortune, my stock goes down. You need massive reforms from top to bottom. but your politicians and bought and paid for on both sides. no pipeline from canada? Hmmm Buffet owns Norfolk Southern, 40% of hauled product is OIL! behind every story is a paid for politicians pushing his masters agenda. time for real change. and i hate to say this. trust me because I’m a liberal, but a capitalist liberal. But, the oNLY guy who gets it, is Trump.! yes he is an asshole, an idiot, but he gets it. and he ail actually blow up washington. lets hope he stays long enough to shake it up. i would NEVER vote for him, but he gets Wlmart paid off senate to allow labour to move to china. off shore taxe loop holes so the don’t pay taxes. that is where you hit billionaires. but CEO pay reform is a fortune, as is tax reform. don’t raise taxes on family business owners. they don’t have private jets. don’t buy the hype $250k is a lot of money it isn’t. it just isn’t. fire your leaders. NOW. all of them. and senate reform, no more then 8 years. like a President. senators in for 50 years? seriously? their owned! paid for by rich. and puppets. why cant you see that. it blows my mind. many need to be locked up for treason…………

  • farhan

    Hi iam join us with this job

  • IN ITALY 45 hours for week and 11000 Euro for 1 year ! No human rights when you work !

  • Padam Nembang

    Nonsense, where is Qatar on this list?? Their average earning is more than any country else…

  • Masood

    How $55000 became the highest while the average in some gulf countries about $100,000 a year?

  • Roberto Antonio Falk

    Can anyone explain to me how they calculate those amounts in the USA?
    We live in a neighborhood where some families have no food and children wear second hand clothes. Plus all of the families are working. Most have jobs that need no education. But to say $55,000 a takes my salary plus the salary of my wife and son to get to $52,000 a year.

    • Badger83

      And that is probably the biggest difference between USA and (Western) Europe. We have about the same average wage in Norway as in the USA, however, it’s practically impossible to have a full-time job and make less than $30,000-35,000 a year in Norway. On the other hand of the scale, the highest paid top executives makes about $1m a year at most, which is probably a fraction of what top executives are paid in the USA.

  • moussa

    In lebanon I pay about 200$ a year on taxes

  • Paul

    Well This writer obviously did his homework. NOT!
    Avg Australian wage more like $40,000 annually. He states avg hrs 35 per week Lol. Standard is 38-40.
    23% tax LOL again wrong. 30-33%
    Guys like this need to live a little and visit countries he writes about and stop using government statistics .
    We have a lot of millionaires here per capita so if your going on statistics per head of population then of course it will say avg wage etc is higher. Common sense prevails. Get out from behind your desk, put your pen down and pull your head out of your behind and into the real world

  • U.I.

    South Korea is the fastest growing economies not only in Asia, but in the entire world.

    South Korea had an estimated real GDP growth of 3.5% in 2014 (the last full year), according the the CIA World Factbook, placing it at a shared position 85 among countries and territories that total 220. (Pretty far from “fastest”, huh?)

    An article with so many errors becomes worthless. (Other readers have pointed at other errors.) The reader’s trust is thrown out the window. Any “fact” has to be checked anyway (if it is of interest), so why then write such “facts” in the article, and why should the reader read the article?

  • Pieter van dorp

    they might earn a lot but boy one thing they never mentioned they pay the highest rate of income tax + all the bits that comes with it, in actually fact Malta for its size way pass the Netherlands for better living and more money in the pocket, and remember if the Dutch are owed any tax or money even when living the country they haunt you till the end of the world. the baggers never give up specially when money is concerned. And if one is a foreinger in Holland better learn the lingo cause they take one for a ride.

  • John

    so… u have taxes that match UK Canada and Australia… but u have no universal healthcare, and no higher learning…. quite the opposite of that
    u didnt include Germany on ur list, which happens to be the largest and most robust economy in Europe, not the UK
    and Ireland is NOT part of the UK, u Jackasss….
    and here i was thinking i was gna be reading smth worthwhile

  • Camilo Cienfuegos

    such a lie! The average salary in SWITZERLAND ist 80’000 Dollars in a year. And you pay maximub 10% taxes! This with Minimum 4 weeks vacation per year and arround 10 Days more Holidays (like independents day etc.)

  • Michael Wolters

    Is this some kind of joke? the netherlands doesn’t have universal healthcare, and it didn’t have it for years. its all private insurance companies now that spend more money on commercials, and less on improving the healthcare system. The average income is 22K per year, but the amount of money you spend on rent, and food, and HEALTHCARE is a lot higher as well as goverment and income tax. Who i might add is increasing again thanks to our politicians spraying money at their business buddies in the EU and Greece (To buy up their assets.), so trust me on this. You won’t see much back as a average earner in the netherlands. A huge percentage earns minimum wage too. Income inequality, has never been bigger in the world as it has been today. Mark my words, a revolution is coming because right now the EU is being introduced to corporate fuedalism. Well at least i am not alone in my misery. EU, US, Russia or Asia? its all the fucking same now. It won’t last long till it explodes. Congratulations my fellow primates. You really fucked this one up. Have fun with this NWO of yours. Its not even going to last that long. I hope Jade 2 AI is going to teach humanity a lesson it will never fucking forget as long as we are stuck on this dirty ball in outer space. Blegh, ok i ranted enough, but seriously. this article must be really old.

    • It’s because our government believes in in dreams like this article that we’ve been sliding away further and further. Our politicians seem to look up to the US so much that they just copy their ways and forget to think for themselves. First they took a step towards the US healthcare system and now they’ve taken another step and are doing the same with education.

  • Champ Moritz

    Wow wonder how this is possible when US tops the charts with homelessness and millions are on food stamps.

  • Badger83

    “Norway has a mandatory 30 hour work week” This is simply not true. 40hour/week is the standard here in Norway, and the average for people working full time is probably in the range of 40-45hours. Average wage all over is around $45k, and around $65k for full-time workers.

    Considering all the other errors here, it seems this entire “article” is based on fiction.


    USD29,000 annually? Isn’t that small? I’m in Asia and I made more than that. My sales buddy made double than that. Damn salesperson!

    • Eliazar Martinez

      they are talking average. I used to make 100k a year in the US.

      • MUSTARD

        Now that sounds pretty enjoyable!

  • John

    Ireland does not have the lowest tax rate in Europe
    I live in Bulgaria and we are 10%

  • Hein

    I’m sorry, but I have to say this ‘article’ is complete and utter bullshit.
    Since late 2008 increasing numbers of people are struggling financially in the Netherlands. Unemployment among younger people is quite an issue, and an average workweek of under 35 hours is for the happy few who can afford it.

  • Andius

    Have you randomly came up with these numbers?

  • Keith Haley

    I’m shocked the U.A.E didn’t fare in the top ten here,I thought their average income was around $61,000 either Australian or American dollars either way.

    • Tanzeem San

      No No they dont count they are a Muslim nation, they don’t matter at all unless you want something from them like OIL maybe,

  • bujang terlajak

    UAE,Dubai not in the list?

  • Feras Al-Aidi

    I thought Denmark would be on that list..

  • Raihan Jamil

    U.S. as # 1? Hhahahhahah! 🙂 ’nuff said.

  • dtrip

    United States need a healthy dose of socialism, to make their health system public and free. Then they will be the perfect country to live in. But to do that, they need to distinguish between socialism and communism. Communism is a nice idea but does not work, simply because people are not trying their best under communism and because it is unfair to share everything evenly between people that have not contributed evenly. However, socialism means exactly that = that the government pays for good quality education and healthcare. And it can also expand to the road and rail network, or other services. But education and health care are very basic. I am 43 yo and still can not understand why American people are not fighting for free health care.

    • John Cherish

      I must point out that the US has the largest well maintained road system in the world further because of its size alone rail transportation was an option during the 30’s 40,s & 50’s but because of size rail transportation for passenger service declined due to cheaper, faster and better air transport. The US also spends the most per capita of any country in the world on education, but spending more doesn’t make it better. We need to be paying for teachers not indoctrinators.

      Don’t be naive that there is such a thing as FREE health care there isn’t nothing is ever FREE you pay for it one way or another. On socialized medicine in the US the medical profession and hospitals are some of the best in the world with the latest in equipment, techniques and with some of the best doctors. I have seen socialized medicine in action. England Canada and Brazil all have it. The care is very basic if you require complex medical procedures then you must schedule them. Many people have waited years for some of those procedures and some have even died waiting for them.
      I am living in Brazil currently and I know of the shortcomings of socialized medicine first hand. I also have friends in Canada and have heard from them the long waiting periods for surgery. They have also said they could get the surgery done at a private hospital if they wanted, But they would have to pay. The same here in Brazil. Many Canadians come to the US for Medical treatments because of the quality of the care and the ability to get things done in a timely manner. And for one other reason the best trained and skilled doctors in the world.

      The downside for medical practice in the US is because of the Insurance industry. The Insurance companies have taken over the medical care industry and have made it very expensive because they are sucking out a large amount of money that could be better spent on providing quality health care. If anyone is to blame for the state of medical care in the US it is them. In the US we need to get the Insurance companies out of health care. The fact is the ACA was written by the insurance companies and it was written to benefit the Insurance companies not the patients or doctors it was supposed to help. The very fact that government got into health care has made the situation worse since they allowed the Insurance companies to construct it. It seems if you want to make something better don’t let the government do it. A Case in point VA ( military veterans health care ) is run by the government and it is a failure

      • dtrip

        The insurance companies you are mentioning are there because the hospital bills are huge. If the hospital bill for a broken leg counts into the tens of thousands of dollars, then the problem is not the insurance company, it is the hospital, if you ask me. But that’s just me.

        There is such a thing as free. Meaning “public”, through taxes obviously. This allows poor people to stand on their feet again after a car or other accident, or some health problem.

        Just as “public education” means that the son of the burger flipping guy has a chance to become a doctor or whatever he likes/wants.

        The argument of the public hospital waiting list is valid but there are thousands of cases (e.g. kids with a simple fever or child disease, poisoning from swallowing cleaning chemicals, fractured bones, women giving birth, you-name-it), that are treated immediately and normally for thousands of people daily without them paying anything.

        Im not saying “ban the private hospitals and schools”. Im not a communist. Im a socialist. I think both should exist. And the private hospital/school/college etc will always be better than the public one, no question about it. But the public things should be there. Otherwise what you got is a plutocracy, instead of a society.

        I will never admit that the civilization that send New Horizons to Pluto is the same which will not allow a woman to have a baby without paying money.

      • Marcello Santo

        OK, you may be right by pointing out that sometimes socialized medicine provides lousy treatment….but it is somewhat a kind of treatment, isn’t it? Better than no treatment at all, I’d say… I lived several years in the US and from time to time I had to “gamble” with health care, since it was so damn expensive….but I knew if something went bad, I could still take a plane and head south…My US friends didn’t have that option (even now with Obama Care some don´t have it). For example, my wife´s aunt, who still lives in the US came here recently for a kidney operation, because she would have to pay U$ 25.000 in the US….So, please review your idea of what is good or bad….it depends on the point of view! The highest skilled doctors and advanced medicine you mentioned are only needed in a tiny percentage of situations…but preventive medicine and regular, simple procedures everybody needs at least once in a lifetime.

      • Pablo

        2007 Data:

        Longer Life expectancy – Japan,

        2º Longer Life expectancy – Spain

        Lower health investment of the rich countries – Spain (public system)

        2º lower health investment of the rich countries – Japan (Public System)

        Lower Life expectancy of the rich countries – USA,
        Higher health investment (several times that of Spain and Japan) – USA

        Main international collaboration of the USA Universities – Spain Hospitals

        USA has an incentive problem

  • Des

    Think you got your fax wrong on Ireland average salary is €35,000 and tax rate 21% and 41% on anything over €37,000 we also have to pay for health insurance Amd Wat err Amd property tax refuse and a lot more.

    • Kieran Kenny

      was just thinking the same thing

  • Georgios Markakis

    And why the photo of the North Korean leader? It is not even on the list!

  • Kenny Economides

    What a joke of an article. Americans with high salaries? How about food stamps? The country is in a deep recession.

  • Erik

    Qatar ?

  • samburu

    I think Ireland’s effective tax rate is at least 45%.

  • LePro

    The figures in this article are non-sense!! Saying that Ireland is second in the world and only has 18.5% tax rate is insane!! By the time you’re finished paying USC, PAYE, PRSI, hidden taxes, you are taxed well over 50%!!! Believe me I know!!!

  • andri3

    “we work our asses off with an average work week of 44 hours.” Yea, and I work 91 hours per week for 400$ , maybe the low work hours and high salary explain why most of them are so fat..

  • Eamon

    Ireland is 35% tax. Don’t know where you get 18.9%. The prices of houses and generally everything are scandalous so it’s not as rosy as it seems. Not to mention the illegal tax called VRT which makes cars about 20% more expensive that the rest of Europe.

  • VK HAM

    Hmm, False , cost of Living too high???

  • john

    Norway has a workweek of 37.5 h. 40 h for some, and less fore others.

  • Andre Aragao

    Netherlands is a “democratic socialist country”. LoL. I should have stopped here.

  • Ron

    “Financial centre of Europe”…. ever heard of London?

  • ron

    oil? Australia exports virtually no oil. This is ridiculous.

  • ron

    Canada is the biggest external supplier of oil to the US. Good to see someone bothered to do any research when putting this together.

  • victor yao

    Too bad the stats on the total wealth owns by the 1% of each country is not provided. Rich countries normally has a lower percent of their total wealth owned by the 1%. Whereas the third world countries, like the US, has a high percent of total wealth owned by the 1%.

  • Curti Uwuigbe

    This comparison should be based on the average NET INCOME and Standard of Living index. We must have a basis for comparison and that basis should be equal for all countries. After all, what $100 can afford you in the U.K. will be different from what it affords you in China.

  • hatred

    Tax rate 23% -28%!!!!! in Canada, Australia….?
    That means, genius people are earning money with hard work and the lazy stupid ones are enjoying life with that money!
    Should it be like that? Is it acceptable?

  • The UK includes Wales as well by the way. Whilst I understand why you might have willingly left them out, the ignorance shown in the rest of your article leads me to believe that you were just blissfully unaware of this fact.

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  • papil

    Can you compare them to African nations? No is the answer, they are well organised, sincere, loyal to their country unlike some African countries were national anthems, when played majority of them are found chewing gums and making gests

  • Jana Tittle

    Someone please tell me how Germany’s healthcare is free! Furthermore, tax bracket 1 (single no dependents) is taxed at 49%, most others are not. Someone failed Research for Journalism Majors 101.

  • omgwtfbbqhax1

    I cannot see the last page because it was ‘locked’. I even liked their facebook page like it told me to, but it still wont reveal the last page

    Any way to unlike their page and report them to facebook?

  • Carlos

    And the first?

  • Paul Rice

    The real truth came out in the discussion , where the government in many countries keep reducing the educational opportunities for people , and make sure only a selected few get the education that they think is needed , thus maintaining their grip on power . And this is confirmed in many countries from Singapore to the UK as governments keep saying they need immigrant talent , which proves their education systems are not providing the right number and quality of educated people .

  • The true

    you all guys work for illuminati people that does not work

  • wawan bogor

    Number 1 is US? for real? ill pass

  • Tirai Media

    wow france is number 10..

  • Carl D

    And the usa is maybe in the high 20s or low 30s I would imagine? Pathetic USA still pretends it is the place to be even with so many countries enjoying a far superior quality of life… USA used to be the place, now it is just laughed at for still thinking it is…

  • danny

    America is just a big nose poking into other countries domestic problems

  • Reginald Garott

    The editors of this article lost all the trustworthiness. They should go back to school where they learn geography and ask for money back.

    Zagreb is NOT in Germany!

  • FIZZ

    I hate website that need to browse different page for one article. Shame on you guys.. in this generation do like these for impressions.. huh. SHAME

  • Shooter McGavin

    “This content is locked” – fucking joke. Fuck facebook.

  • Arslan Bajwa

    i love Sweden and wish to be Swedish citizen in this life.

  • Mubashar Basheer

    Very Informative and special Thanks

  • Stephen Short

    no proper health care,no workers old age pension etc a tin pot despotic state run by violent psychpaths

  • wickiemediawebsite

    Zagreb, in Germany? Really?

  • Tony Mahdoum

    Citizens of Kuwait and Qatar have high disposable income Im surprised that they are not in this list: perhaps there are more accurate lists out there

  • bassel

    If france is ranked #1 so the salaries might be higher than what you wrote cz a sum of 28000$/year means _~ 2500$/month beside up to 50% taxes which means the totale sum is 5000$ /month in conclusion 60000/year .what i would to say that for example Qatar is voted recently by its higher salAry in the world which is 110000$ /year .

    • Deyan D.

      Qatar is Tax Free country, as are the U.A.E. So you get in your account 100% of what you’ve earned.

  • mursal

    somaliland is one of the best countries in the world

  • Edouard Hemsted

    This is probably one of the most unfounded and desillusional tabloids ever. If you are stupid enough to ask why, please comment.

  • AbdulRahman Al Shaer

    So you’re trying to tell me that these countries have a higher paying salary than Middle eastern countries? Lol
    We don’t even have taxes.

  • John Waterman

    No one country had a monopoly on “greatness”. They all have flaws as they are run by mere mortals. So stop bashing and let all just get along and stop hating. Accept that each country is different and their differences are what makes them interesting and worth visiting. I love visiting the USA and Canada..Wouldn’t want to live in either now but fun to visit. Never been to others on the list such a Australia, Norway but would dearly like to…

  • jaim

    well i am not gonna say anything about any country but here everyone is talking about america so imo americans dont know much about other countries..they just listen and think what their media wants them to listen and think….they have no life of their own….a perfect system is controlling them o i mean their minds…

  • Nicholas Horta

    Super Douche move with the facebook like to unlock the last,shameful

  • Elmusay

    Do you guys out therer knows that The so called USA, is the world largest economy, but is not capable of paying there workers if they are taking working leave? Check it out if I`m wrong, because it`s very suprising for those who doesn`t knows that.


    Whether a nation is good or bad is not for us to say. Those that have the right to vote are the immigrants. Those countries that illegal immigrants risk their life to go to are the good countries. In America it’s the USA that has millions of them. Thousands of Africans die every year to get to Europe, their “Promised Land”! Especially the UK that they are running through the chunnel to get to.
    Those that think America is a hell should immigrate to North Korea, a veritable heaven on Earth!

  • Lacey Langton

    One of the countries with one of the highest, if not the highest, salary is Bermuda. However, they don’t count as a country, per se, as they are a territory of the U.K.-although they get absolutely no financial support from the U.K. Their per capita GDP is over $84,000. You have people with only a high school diploma who make $50,000 a year. There are professionals like accountants who make over one million a year and executives who make in the millions. Yes, this is is U.S. dollars and the kicker is that there is NO income tax in Bermuda!!!

  • Bhaskar

    There seems to be something wrong with the analysis. The Middle Eastern countries like Qatar, UAE, Kuwait have far higher per capita disposable income and zero personal income tax. So where are they?

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  • Brian

    Top ten surprising countries with the highest salaries.? None of those countries would be a surprise to anyone unless they are morons. These countries are well known as having high income economies.

  • Uzifa Zarar

    World without America will be in peace no war so every single person on earth will be happy especially in Asia. American drones just destroying any thing which seems dangerous even if that thing will be 4 year or 2 year old child or animals. And on media they are making jokes,just war on terror.what about those innocent dead peoples?I can say America is not civilised! They are struggling for sources to control energy crisis. That all things just kill and get or takeover

  • Cali

    When it comes to min wage US pays the worst compared to other European countries
    but when it comes to an Average wage US is ranked 3rd after Norway and Sweden and the available average wage jobs are 70% higher then any country in Europe so you would have a way better chance of finding a good job in US then in Europe i hate how Europeans think there so great and better then USA when my tax dollars paying for there defense. USA leads the world with innovation the fact is that your on the internet right now because Americans invented you must be stupid if you think US is poor…California GDP is higher then the country of italy…tell me how a state with 30mill has a higher gdp then a country with 60+mill and i might agree with some people about parts of USA but i live in San Fransisco and i met a lot of people from England, France, Germany, Switzerland all the best countries in Europe and they left that to live in San Fransisco because more jobs with average starting pay around 55-65k a year all tech graduates from Europe will tell you the same USA more jobs with average wages not to mention high wage jobs are also more available in US more then Europe

  • Good to know…

  • Tsonthi

    SO, you are deleting comments?

  • Tsonthi

    I didn’t see number one… Your guess is as good as mine, North

  • Andrew Stallard

    It is important to note this list means very little because it does not take cost of living into account. I am an American currently living in Vietnam. While my salary here would barely get me a room in a dross house in my homeland here I live in a luxury apartment with servants. If I returned I could certainly make more money, but I could not live nearly as well.

  • Ross De Wayne Keramik

    Germany doesn’t have free health care! only if you are on welfare. 500€ a month for the family. The cheapest rate for a single person at the poverty level is 240€ a month! don’t pay it and the bailif will come to your house and take everything you have to pay the debt. the person that wrote this article is doof, that is german for stupid

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  • VoleurdeChameaux

    That article is a joke .. Luxembourg , Qatar , Norway and Switzerland have much higher income per capita than in the US. For Luxembourg and Qatar it is nearly double the US GDP / capita

  • Sébastien Boillat

    Where does this “work around 35 hours weekly” information come from? Legal weekly working time in Switzerland is 42 hours (e.g. in the public sector).



  • Meri

    People who have no regard for the other countries are simply ignorant.Here i say a lot of comment racist and i think that they are some people that dont have idea what is America.They talk yust what they want not what is.

  • Jamesengland912

    1 percent of American men wants to pretend to be a woman. Why? Mentally ill?

  • Jamesengland912

    America is a backwards country. Where man wants to be poked like a woman

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