Quirks of 9 Avowed Dictators / Leaders

From the infamous to the insane, we have a run-down of quirks of 8 avowed leaders. It takes a particular personality type run for democratic election or even take over a country. And while being the boss of an entire state can be quite an ego trip, it also puts idiosyncrasies, obsessions and OCDs under a magnifying lens. It also puts these figures into the position of taking their whims and compulsions to a whole new level. These figures have frequently started out with humble beginnings, only to rise to the top of the pile, fueled by the desire to leave their imprint on their country and history at large. In many cases, these figures seek power and recognition, fostering a cult of personality, which gives them god-like attributes in the eyes of their people.

#9 Berlusconi

photo: dealbreaker.com

photo: dealbreaker.com

The 78-year old three-time Italian Prime Minister, business magnate and media tycoon suffered a rather unceremonious fall from Grace in 2013 when he was found guilty of paying for sex with an underage prostitute and abusing his office. The Media Set and AC Milan owner, has long been reputed to have connections with the Italian Mafia and other unsavory characters. His love of beautiful women and penchant for mixing with the jet set drove him to regularly organize parties in his mansion outside of Milan, where it was rumored that up to 20 girls would engage in Bunga Bunga African-style rituals in the nude. Claims have emerged that il Cavaliere (as he is known) has paid a cool USD$ 5 million to Moroccan belly dancer and alleged prostitute Karima El Mahroug (a.k.a Ruby Rubacuori), for her services at his parties. While his conviction has been overturned, Berlusconi is more likely to be remembered for his Bunga Bunga parties than for being the longest-serving post-war Italian premier.


  • АВВ

    1. Jean-Bédel Bokassa, 2 Robert Gabriel Mugabe, next I can’t tell.

    • sessantotto

      Zia Al-Haq, Fulgenzio Battista, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar, Hernan Cortés, Henry Ford, Francisco Franco, Miklos Horthy, Slobodan Milosovic, Arap Moi, Pissaro, Nicholas Romanov, Aerial Sharon, Ian Smith, Antonio Spinola, Suharto, Charles Taylor, Henry Tudor, Mary Tudor, Hendrik Verwoerd, Johannes Vorster, George Wallace………

  • Pedro Jaime

    Muamah Gadaffi, Hosani Mubarak, Gabriel R. Mugabe and Jose Eduardo Dos Santos

  • Leo Bevilaqua

    The worst dictators: Adolf Hitler (Germany), Benito Mussolini (Italy), Josef Stalin (Soviet Union), all the tyrants of North Korea, Mao Tse Tung (China), Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua), Muhamar Kadaffi (Libya), Manuel A. Noriega (Panama), Augusto Pinochet (Chile), Rafael Videla (Argentina), Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro (Venezuela), Idi Amin (Uganda), Alfredo Stroessner (Paraguay), Fidel and Raúl Castro (Cuba), Robert Mugabe (Zimbabue), Nicolae Ceaușescu (Rumania), François Duvalier and his son Maurice Duvalier (Haiti); Pol Pot (Cambodia) and Rafael Leonidas Trujillo (Dominican Republic).

    • Mugambi

      are they dictator because USA told you that the are . or you have lived under them. take a look at Libya it was a great country under Gaddafi with a per capita income of about $14500 per year………..

      • Marcello Sulsenti

        Don’t tell crap. They’re dictators not because “the USA told you that” but because testimonials from all over the world. You can’t hide the sun with one finger.

        • KingBaso

          Learn to judge your self before you judges someone else… If you do not know someone do not just him because you never lived in these people you claim are dictator’s country neither have you meet them in person

        • EriLife

          U r an evil person Marcello

        • ibokz

          All over the world? Was he the world president. As a president he couldn’t have satisfied everyone but the majority loved him in Libya and their lives were beautiful. If they hated him that much, why was it that the Americans were the ones inciting the Libyans. And still went ahead to kill him. Even those who killed him were never questioned because they’re Americans. Who’s fooling who

  • Sajja Yuthakon

    The worst have been US Leaders who have caused Millions of deaths world wide after the US became a Superpower! Enough of your Propoganda !

    • Marcello Sulsenti

      The truth sometimes hurts.

      • Rosa Krause

        Do you mean the truth that Russia is crushing the Proxy Army of Pindostan in Syria?

      • Edgardo Flores

        exactelly , libya, afganistan are now in the Stone Age again

  • Mr. Someone

    I am surprised I don’t see the Syrian dictators Hafez Assad and then his son Bashar Assad in the list.
    Those have managed to destroy one of the oldest civilisations in the world, and one of the most beautiful countries, and on the verge of starting a third world war because of their stupidity in handling the basic and truthful demands of their people.
    Not mentioning their major part in establishing and funding the extremists groups such is ISIL in order to justify his war against his people.

    • ibokz

      Was It Assad or the Americans in their quest to remove Assad. Thank God Russia is beginning to show them that they can’t always have it their way

      • Mr. Someone

        Russia is run by a dictator also, and all Assad allies are all dictators, so you make the maths.
        Russia is there for two weeks so far, and all they have done is kill more civilians.
        When the western allies planes started to attack ISIS months ago, the death toll was over 250,000 people who were killed by Assad, long before the western powers decided to intervene.

        Russians as well as the Americans don’t give any value to the right of living of Syrian people, each is after his own agenda and political goals, but none of that changes the fact that Assad is the main responsible of all what is happening there now, including the rise of extremism, as those serve his objectives also.

  • guest

    Prime Minister Berlusconi should have never been judged by anyone according to his personal private life, He was not committing sodomy on little children like the catholic preist, who should be placed under the prison and given life sentences

    • Mike

      He’s a public head of state – of course his private life should be scrutinised. Also, your comment on Catholic priests is outrageous and you should retract it.

  • guest

    i believe this was a lot of propaganda from maybe the us in trying to defend what thry had cruely did to another country , because Saddam Hussein was the ruler in his country just like Bush or Obama is ruler for a time in their country, NO one could exatly know what crime Saddam HUSSEIN has commited against his country me sames goe for Bssh and Obama, It seems BUSH was a horrible president and now Obama has taken his place as far as bad presidents other countries claim many horrible things Bush had put into the works for 911 and now Obamma it seems turns out to be worst ten the worst in his personal life and his political life, So country especially the usa should cast any first stone especially the usa because they are the first ones to start all the wars correct ????

    • Mike

      Saddam Hussein was convicted by an Iraqi court for the murder of over 140 people. There’s little doubt he was responsible for even more atrocities.

      • Rosa Krause

        A court established by Pindostan with justices appointed by Pindostan.
        Do you think Pindostan would leave the issue to impartial judges?
        Look, they forged a case agaisnt Julian Assange just when he released the Manning whistleblows.

  • guest

    Yzs Stalin was a corrupt person in and out of the political arenas, and no one should mention his name only for remembering the destruction and cruelty he cause; Communiism always is distructive

  • guest

    nero should be in hell forever

  • guest

    ceausescu ? greed NO moral fiber, corrupt

  • guest

    Mouammar Kadhafi ( gaddafi ) NO COUNTRY SHOULD come into another country and kill their leader, is just wrong, no other country has came in and judge the USA or the american leaders or do they ? but how would america like it if another country came in and judged them is not the usa losing their self respect, seems the usa are becoming third however the moral fiber is in critical condition

  • guest

    Kim Jong-il, neither korea or china need the usa for anything, may they continue to realise it

  • guest

    the worst leader HITLER,

  • guest

    Believe it or not hitler had the most wealthiest and the richest or rich behind him in his assault against humanity, so people should thank their lucky star for not being rich however some of the rich today are using their wealth to take the hitlers in todays world down, we all wish they luck in doing so

  • guest

    the usa will not treat Russia OR CHINA like it bullied and threatened and started war with irak and iran to start an oil war and TAKE Iran and Iraks wealth away to weaken those counyries and its infer sttucture, the usa shpuld be very careful less the usa become a country to cry wolf all by itself

    • Mike

      USA has never been at war with Iran.

      • Rosa Krause

        But they shot down an airliner and the media didn’t make a fuss as with the MH17.
        Even worse, Bush Sr. said he would never apologize for the crime, no matter what the facts told.

    • cranston

      The former Italian pm should notbe on this list because he was and is not a ddictator he was elected in free and fair elections there were never any claims to the contrary and when he lost he peacefully handed over power so he was never a despot dictator

  • guest

    do not fool yourself people gaddafi was a gtreat leader his people loved and cherished him unlike the usa who do nothing for their people to be loved or cherished, usa soldiers do not have homes when they come back from the war in irak or iran etc and their government lets them sleep on the streets

    • Mike

      Yes, the Libiyans loved Gaddafi so much that they beat him before executing him in the street. He was not killed by western forces.

      • Rosa Krause

        Those were the same terrorists that are pampered by Pindostan and will become extinct very soon thanks to Russia.

    • Guest, you are fool

      )))))) you are fool, don’t think that other people are as fool as you are))))))

      • Maxime B

        It is true that gaddafi was cherish and loved by his clan, because he gives them all things he stole to other clans of Lybia. And now you understand why different clans of Lybia hate and fight each other.

        • Rosa Krause

          The only man-made river benefited many clans.
          Search before posting.

        • Panzer

          And clans in Lybia countinue fighting each others, Lybia civil war is endless until now, thanks for remove Gaddafi..

          • Muammar

            the man made river is Not yet finish

    • Melissa Bellais

      Have you ever heard of the Stockholm syndrome, people are stupid, so no matter how much a dictator is loved by said people, he’s still a dictator…

  • ronald kankya

    Enjoy your money before you die

  • Imamhishak

    It is true Libyans used to love Gaddafi but not after what they found out eventually about him. Najib is Malaysia’s infamous version. All the billions in his accounts overseas when he was exposed by the Wall Street Journal are donations!

  • Rosa Krause

    This site has been written with Hollywood scripts, I mean, from movies intended for entertainment and not historical accuracy.
    Nero suffered plumbing poisoning, at that time, water pipes in Rome were made of lead, what caused him lose his mind. even so, he managed to benefit the people all over the Roman Empire.
    The story about Christians is still under the scrutiny of historians and most of it seems to be propaganda.

  • jinxmap

    Where are the American dictators?

  • From Afghanistan

    Hey People. majority comments here in support of USA are completely wrong. Ask someone who lives in Afghanistan. Someone who lives beautifully and securely does not know anything about USA. I live in Afghanistan and I 100 percent with majority of Afghans believe that this is USA who plans all of wars in the world. we have seen that USA support al-qaeda USA supports Taliban USA supports ISIS. You will not believe it but one day you western people will know it.

  • Alitstar

    Please replace Gaddafi with the Malaysian Prime Scumbag. Gaddafi was framed by United States. Gaddafi wanted Middle East to replace the Petrodollar with Gold Dinar.

    • Keneri

      Gaddafi was a heavy financial of terrorism in the world, many terrorists were trained and funded in Libya.

  • hafidinventeur hafidinventeur


  • Musa Joseph

    Bible says everything has it s time and its end, only Jesus Christ who will remain for ever and ever not Gaddafi.I wish Mohamed the prophet to have judge Gaddafi for what he did in the Country Libya may ALMIGHTY GOD COURSE GADAFI.

  • sisir rout

    richard nixon should be on the list

  • Evilive.
  • Lawrence Osiegbu

    Gadaffi is still the greatest leader Africa has had. Don’t mistake snitches for leaders.

  • common man

    write about john F Kenndey, Bill Clinton and many American president who were womanisers when they were president

  • renison

    One must look at the advertisement and not the content…that is what it is meant for and that is what newspapers are paid for…

  • провинциал

    типичная американская брехня продажных бездарных журналюг

  • SHAH


    1. In Libya a home is considered a natural human right.

    2. Education and medical treatment were all free

    3. Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project

    4. It was free to start a farming business

    5. When a Libyan woman gave birth she was given 5000 (US dollars) for herself and the child.

    6. Electricity was free


  • amador kester

    berlusconi was a dark blur on italian political scene, no doubt, i see no difference whstsoever hetween him and late mobutu of the congo