8 Crazy Things That Only Happen in Dubai

Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world. Some of the things that happen in the city are the stuff of dreams! With a vast amount of wealth at their disposal, the people in Dubai truly look for creative and innovative methods to outshine one another. A congressional preview of the images compiled below will have you questioning the sanity of the people of Dubai. We´ve compiled 8 crazy things that happen only in Dubai. Have a look!

8. Driving companions

Driving Companions-buzzfed.com

Driving Companions-buzzfeed.com

While it is more than natural to see a person with a pet companion while in a car, most of us form preconceived notions about the companion being a dog or a cat. But, here in Dubai, having a wild animal such as a cheetah on the passenger´s seat, as depicted in the picture, is really nothing but a common phenomenon. That man must either be the bravest man in the world or a total lunatic.