10 foods that destroy muscle fast

2) Alcohol


photo: amuslima.tumblr.com

Like soda, booze is nothing but empty calories. The average 12 ounce beer contains a staggering 320 calories (light beers are usually 200 calories, so it isn’t much of an improvement.), and you don’t even want to know what the average mixed drink weighs in at. And on top of the empty calories, alcohol depletes your energy levels by dehydrating you, which makes you tired and not as willing to keep up your usual workout routines, which will cause you to pack on the pounds. As a general rule, guys, make it a point to not drink.


  • George Mike

    well , Complex carbohydrates are good , Simple carbs are bad . you should research more about it . Oat has complex carbohydrates , so is it bad? Soda and white bread are full of simple sugars , that’s why they are bad . Simple sugar has high glycemic index , more complex carbs , less the glycemic index . Corn has fructose , which is a simple sugar . In excess it can be bad , but don’t forget the high fibrous content of corn.