10 Celebrity Children Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents

Being born into the limelight certainly has its advantages. Imagine a life of fame and fortune, where you can simply take money and the good life for granted. Here are 10 children of celebrities, who have been blessed with a fantastic genetic inheritance. The resemblance between these mini-me’s and their famous parents is so close that you may be tricked into thinking them doppelgangers. Take a look and decide for yourselves.


Cindy Crawford Kaia Gerber

photo: www.diariofemenino.com

photo: www.diariofemenino.com

Cindy Crawford is a super role model to her 14 year old daughter Kaia – who has quickly followed in her mother’s elegant, sultry footsteps into the modelling world. Not only is Kaia living proof that attractiveness gene is prominent in the family ancestral tree, but she has the luxury of being taught how to pose, flip her hair and catch the light at a flattering angle from the original supermodel. The 49-year old former modelling queen has been married to Kaia’s father, entrepreneur Rande Gerber, since 1998 and is using her professional experience and maternal wisdom to guide her offspring about her career. Without a doubt she will be driving the boys wild, just like her mother did, in her heyday.